About me


My name is Braden Ericson and I am a senior at the University of St. Thomas where I am studying computer science and business management. Inside and outside of the classroom, I have learned a lot over the past years, and I hope to apply this knowledge and experience wherever I end up working after graduation.

What I Do

I am currently working my second summer as an intern at Symantec where I regularly utilize technologies like AngularJS, ElasticSearch, and Docker. With these resources, I have written portable web applications that are used in conjunction with Big Data analytic tools and distributed systems. This experience has also provided me with valuable insight into unit testing code and the agile development cycle.

In addition to my work at Symantec, I co-founded a small software company with another individual from the University of St. Thomas. Using both my technical computer science skills and the things that I have learned in my business classes, I have been able to successfully work with a team to design, create, and implement an event discovery platform (Jabb Events). This process has allowed me to expand my architecture skills and has given me the opportunity to write a provisional patent. We soft released Jabb on the App Store and Google Play Store this past spring, with a plan for a large release this fall.

Campus Involvement

My involvement on campus at the University of St. Thomas highlights some of the leadership and interpersonal skills that I have developed over the years. As a freshman, I joined the Racquetball club and the Computer Science Club. It was a great way to make new friends with individuals who had similar interests to me. My sophomore year, I became President of both the Computer Science Club and Racquetball Club. Along with these clubs, I worked as a tutor for the Computer Science department. As a tutor, I learned how to explain difficult concepts to students, debug someone else's code, and handle hardware issues that would arise in the labs. My junior year, I served as the President of the Computer Science Club for a second term, participated in Undergraduate Student Government as the Elections and Credentials Chair, tutored, interned at Symantec, and served as my University's Microsoft Student Partner. As a Microsoft Student Partner, I was responsible for holding student workshops, creating a student community of tech enthusiasts, and fostering the growth of that community. Over J-term my Junior year, I had the unique opportunity to study abroad in South Africa.


When I'm not in front of a computer screen, I love to watch and read Game of Thrones, bike, travel, and play racquetball.